Friday, 27 July 2018 11:07

Can Digital Marketing Really Grow Your Business?

Can digital marketing really help you grow your business? The answer is yes! And we'll tell you how.

We've spent the last year and a half working hard on the digital marketing efforts of our client, redcup Beverage Services. The owner, Chris Anson, came to us with a goal of increasing his online visibility, so we set to work designing a user-friendly website that was search engine optimized and promoted across multiple platforms. Through these digital marketing efforts, redcup transformed from a Denver-based startup to a local industry leader that is topping the SERPs for nearly 50 unique search queries.

Growing A Small Business Through Digital Marketing

Who Is redcup Beverage Service?

Redcup Beverage Service is dedicated to providing high-quality, great tasting office coffee, tea, and water service to businesses throughout the Denver Metro area. Built on the backbone of guaranteed satisfaction and unbeatable customer service, it was a no-brainer for FiG to partner with this state-of-the-art organization. We knew that redcup was filling a hole in the Denver market, but the original website that was in place before they came to FiG simply wasn't converting. We dove into insights of the consumers' behavior on the site to find weak points and develop a strategy that would help redcup reach their clients with the information the consumers wanted.

We started with a redesign of the website to get consumers where they wanted to be with as few clicks as possible. Additionally, we did both an initial optimization of the site to help it be found, as well as on-going SEO to keep the site in the top rankings. One year of regular search engine optimization has brought the redcup website to the first page of the search results for nearly 50 different search queries. As a local business in a niche market where the competition is largely national, this is a huge win for redcup, but the success doesn't stop there.

An Unbeatable ROI

In our last case study on redcup, we mentioned that the redcup client base tripled in the month of October. This rapid growth is continuing as redcup infiltrates many Denver-based offices with their world-class coffee blends, handcrafted nitro-kegs, and reliable customer service.

In the first year of hiring FiG to handle the redcup digital marketing strategy, the organization's revenue increased by nearly 3,500 percent. In just the first half of 2018, redcup revenue has already doubled last year's sales.

What's Next For redcup?

The key to a successful digital marketing strategy is continuous improvement. An untouched website doesn't do a lot, so we are fastidious about keeping redcup's content relevant and up-to-date. By keeping a meticulous eye on customer behavior in and around the beverage service market, we hope to see continued success in this space.

With regular blogs, ongoing content audits, social media marketing, and detailed data analysis, we will continue to help redcup grow and thrive in Denver.

Redcup is also expanding their business offerings. Anson has started building custom nitro-kegs for his clients while maintaining the personal element of customer service through installation and maintenance. He's also partnered with a number of kombucha companies as the drink becomes more and more popular.


If your marketing agency isn't helping you grow your business, it might be time to consider an alternative. FiG Advertising + Marketing is dedicated to increasing visibility, conversions, and, ultimately, ROI for each and every one of clients. Contact our digital marketing experts today to schedule a consultation and see how targeted, effective marketing can help you move your bottom line.