Monday, 16 December 2019 11:19

Our Award Winning Denver Web Design Company Receives A Few More Awards

FiG is incredibly excited to announce that our award winning Denver web design company has received a few more awards. In 2019, FiG received two MarCom awards for the website designs for Fountainhead Commercial and FiG. Our team also received an honorable mention for our work on the Braincode Centers website. We are thrilled to receive these great honors and add them to our already expansive award collection.

Denver Web Design Company Receives Three MarCom Awards

Our marketing team is incredibly proud to have received these awards from the international MarCom organization. MarCom hosts an annual awards competition which receives over 6,000 submissions across a variety of marketing mediums from companies all over the world. Administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), this competition recognizes excellence, creativity, hard work, and generosity in the marketing and communications industries. We feel very honored to have made the cut as an award winning Denver web design company.

Fountainhead Commercial - Platinum Award

In early spring of 2019, FiG started up a partnership with Lowrey Burnett, owner and founder of Fountainhead Commercial. After spending over 20 years in the commercial real estate industry, Lowrey decided that he wanted to own his own brokerage.

The logo for Fountainhead Commercial, a leading provider of commercial real estate in Denver.

We helped him establish his commercial real estate business with professional branding and a brand new website. As time has gone on, we’ve continued to improve his digital visibility through a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy.

The Platinum MarCom award that we received in 2019 for our work on the Fountainhead Commercial website.

As an award winning Denver web design company, we were thrilled to build the website for Fountainhead Commercial from scratch. In Denver, the commercial real estate space is a highly competitive area, especially in digital terms. We aimed to create a website that stood out from the crowd and retained any and all visitors. To keep people interested and engaged on the site, we focused on optimizing the user interface (UI) to cultivate a more enjoyable user experience (UX). We emphasized a simplistic yet professional design that highlighted successful brokerage experiences and the expertise that Fountainhead brings to the field.

A screenshot of the Fountainhead Commercial homepage. As an award winning Denver web design company, FiG received another award for our work on this site.
The new homepage for Fountainhead Commercial, a website redesign project that resulted in a Platinum MarCom award for FiG.

The finished Fountainhead website design was launched at the end of March 2019. FiG received a Platinum website design award for our work with Fountainhead. Since the launch date, the site has seen some terrific results, including:

  • A 88% monthly increase in site impressions.

  • And a monthly growth rate of 145% in site users.

Our website designers also focused heavily on the mobile accessibility of the site. Even in a space like commercial real estate with an extended buying cycle, over 52% of the site sessions have been through mobile devices. With this award under our belts, we’re excited to continue developing search engine marketing strategies to benefit the success of Fountainhead Commercial.

FiG Advertising + Marketing - Gold Award

Our talented web designers also won a Gold website design award for the website you’re on right now! Towards the end of 2018, the FiG team decided that it was time to redesign our own company website. Over the years, we’ve been focused on developing eye-catching and functional sites for our clients. A lot has changed in the digital landscape since our inception in 2009. If we wanted to prove that we were an award winning Denver web design company, we needed to demonstrate our prowess with our own website design.

The Gold MarCom Award for 2019 that we received for our work on the FiG Advertising + Marketing website.

Our updates have created a seamless user experience with a timeless look that highlights the various projects we’ve worked on over the years. To show off these projects in detail, we developed an interactive portfolio page that is engaging and informative.

A screenshot of the homepage of the FiG Advertising + Marketing website, a design for which our award winning Denver web design company received a gold award.
The redesigned FiG homepage, which resulted in a Gold MarCom award for FiG.

The redesigned FiG website launched in February of 2019. Although we’re proud of our current website design, we are not finished yet. Our web design team will continue to tweak and adjust a variety of aspects on the site based on how our visitors interact with it. As an award winning Denver web design company, we are always looking for ways to improve our work.

Braincode Centers - Honorable Mention

While it wasn’t a Gold or Platinum award, everyone at FiG was still proud to receive an Honorable Mention for our work on the Braincode Centers website. Our partnership with Braincode Centers began in the spring of 2019 and we were quickly blown away by their business. Braincode Centers (formerly NeurOptimize) is a leading provider of innovative mental health care services. Their incredible treatments and therapies provide impressive support for a wide range of mental health conditions and disorders. The organization wanted to improve their digital visibility and our award winning Denver web design company was happy to help.

Braincode Centers already had a website, but it had its fair share of flaws. The site content had plenty of errors and the navigation felt too disjuncted to work well. Our comprehensive redesign started from scratch. Our website designers focused on restructuring the website into a more intuitive design that made it simpler for users to find what they’re looking for. We implemented a few helpful sidebar features to speed up site navigation and we focused on creating a professional brand aesthetic with more appropriate imagery. Before launching the site, our SEO specialists rewrote all of the website content with the most appropriate keywords to improve the search engine rankings of the website.

The homepage of the Braincode Centers website, the site design that added an Honorable mention to our portfolio as an award winning Denver web design company.
FiG also received an Honorable mention for our work on the redesigned Braincode Centers website.

The finished Braincode Centers website design was launched just before the start of June 2019. Since launching, the site has seen some terrific results, which include:

  • A 199% increase in total site users, with over 95% being brand new visitors.

  • An increase of 156% in total site sessions.

  • A monthly increase of 14% in site impressions.

Our staff also installed heat mapping software on the Braincode Centers website to track the behaviors of site visitors. This data will help us continue to adjust the site and further optimize it to retain more visitors to ultimately benefit Braincode Centers.

Update Your Website With An Award Winning Denver Web Design Company

We are incredibly proud of our award-winning work thus far! We know that our talented staff members are entirely capable of bigger and better projects. We’re eager to prove our impressive capabilities once more. Do you need a new website design for your business? Our award winning Denver web design company would be happy to help.

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